Nipan Oranniwesna


Born in 1962, Bangkok. Lives and works in Bangkok.

Nipan Oranniwesna works with various social aspects and historical research through the work that accentuates relationship analysis between human and territory in both physical and conceptual ideas. Nipan’s works in different media that range from painting, sculpture, mixed media, site-specific installation to photography and video works. His practice delves into personal and collective memories, dealing poetically with spaces, urban cartography, and the geo-body of nation/state. Nipan is appreciated for his unmistakably distilled and contemplative installations that deal with concepts of home, identity, and displacement. He deals with the perception of the viewer and the space between people and his artworks. He has exhibited domestically and internationally, such as 12th Gwangju Biennale (2018); Kenpoku Art 2016; Setouchi Triennale (2013); Singapore Biennale (2013); The 18th Biennale of Sydney (2012); and 52nd Venice Biennale (Thai Pavilion, 2007).