Welcome to… Such a great pleasure to welcome all of you! Carnival of the 12 zodiac signs

Charinrat Singhan

When “Poi festivals” or other festivities are established inside temples in the northern region of Thailand, the thing that will be seen before anything else is a ‘Tung’ that is approximately 1-2 spans wide or more than or equal to one-wa long. It will be decorated with beautiful motifs such as fabric patterns, local animals, or zodiac signs. These tung will be planted in a row along the entrance to the Poi festival as a symbol to let passersby know that there is an event going on at this temple. Tung in Lanna culture is an offering used in various religious ceremonies as dedication to a Buddhist temple or as merits to those who have passed away or to oneself in this world or the next world. Tung is also believed to eliminate misfortune that will happen to yourself and your family. It has been part of the Lanna tradition and belief that is still passed down to the present.

The artist has absorbed these beliefs as inspiration for creating work through her personal imagination, colors, and various zodiac characters designs that are derived from the characteristics of little children. Moreover, the artist also brings the belief that " Dedication will lead to heaven" to create a paradise according to her ideals, which conveys a convivial atmosphere with little zodiac animals running around to play, suitable for welcoming the Thailand Biennale to Chiang Rai.

Date: Exhibition period: 1 December 2023 - 30 April 2024 

Venue: Tid Doi Tid Din Boutique Cafe’ & Restaurant  



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