Somluk Pantiboon

Chiang Rai

Born in Chiang Rai, 1957. Lives and works in Chiang Rai.


Somluk Pantiboon is an artist renowned for his work in ceramics and painting, utilizing soil and mixed colors as his primary mediums. His creations reflect abstract art deeply influenced by Buddhist (Zen) ideology and practices. Somluk collaboratively worked with Zen monks, teaching art to Laos and Cambodian refugees at the Camp of Disaster in Thailand while working for the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR). He furthered his expertise by studying Japanese pottery in Japan. His works were recognized with awards, including the first runner-up awards from the ASIAN Art & Crafts Exhibition in 2000 and 1997, and the Award of Merit in New Zealand in 1998. Inspired by his experiences, Somluk returned to Chiang Rai and established the pottery studio "Doi Din Daeng". He created a network of artists in Chiang Rai, fostering art activities and collaborations. Somluk's contributions were significant, leading him to become the first president of Art Bridge, Chiang Rai.