Ryusuke Kido


Born in 1984, Tokyo. Lives and works in Tokyo.

Ryusuke Kido completed an MFA in Sculpture from Tokyo University of the Arts. He mainly uses sculptural techniques to consider how to transform or sway the scenery through his work in society. His major exhibitions include BANGKOK DESIGN WEEK 2023 (Bangkok, 2023); When & Discovers New Forms of Art (Kawasaki, Japan, 2016); Distant Observations, Fukushima in Berlin (Berlin, Germany, 2014); Time Remapping with Wit Pimkanchanapong (Bangkok, 2013); solo exhibition KIYOME MO/NU/MENT (Tokyo, Japan, 2017); solo Exhibition To Push or Not to Push, That’s the Question (Tokyo, Japan, 2014). He has received many awards, including the Emerald Grant Award from Tokyo University of the Arts (2019) and First Prize of the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo Bloomberg Pavilion Project (2012).