Kamonlak Sukchai


Born in Bangkok, 1994. Lives and works in Bangkok.

Kamonlak Sukchai is a Thai photographer who is known for her collages. Kamonlak's works frequently explore Southeast Asian folklore and its influences on history, national identity, religious belief, and sexual mythology, through the structure of fiction, from traditional Thai narratives, historical documents and oral literature. Her striking Red Lotus piece encourages viewers to consider how folklore shapes feminism, through the photographic medium and reflects their influences on feminism, while Blue Fantasy questions the definitions of written ‘history’, which has formed and shaped our identities and sense of longing and belonging, by selecting a chronicle of the first Siamese King from Ayutthaya Testimonies and a mixture of her family background and fanciful local folk tales. For her current project, Kamonlak journeys to another facet as she investigates the relationship between mythical symbols, human desire, and the meaning of life. Since her early works, she has experimented with the collage technique to find new possibilities, especially on how it can encourage the audience to go back and reinterpret old beliefs from a new perspective.